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Private Lessons

19 May

Let’s Go Crafting offers private lessons by appointment.  Schedule yours now!  Today I worked with a student on her own machine.  Her bobbin was jammed so she learned how to fix that and then went on to make a pair of pajama pants.

Private Lessons

23 Apr

Let’s Go Crafting is offering private lessons!  Private lessons are a great way to get one-on-one time to learn how to use your own machine, perfect a skill or just learn to sew.  For lessons held at our studio, we provide all the supplies.  If we travel to your home we provide a supply list of everything you need.  Both options work really well.  This past Saturday we had a fourth grader join us for a private lesson.


She learned how to fill her bobbin and insert it, thread the machine, and sew. We also had time to discover and use all her fun specialty stitches.


The best way to learn to sew is to actually sew! Our student made a pin cushion to use at home and then made a tote bag. She did a fantastic job!

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