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Fantastic Preschoolers

22 May

Monday was my last preschool class for this semester.  We had a great time together and I am a little sad that the Monday class is done until the fall.  Today we:

made drawings and then embellished with fabric and sequins,

sewed up lacing cards – each student did many of these.  It was so fun!img_3158

And I gave them their pillows.  They painted the fabric last week and I sewed them into pillows to give them on the last day.  They totally LOVED them!!

Class Samples Galore!!

20 May

I have been having so much fun making samples for all the different classes that I teach!

For the studio, I made a sundress and sunglasses case sample for either kids or adults to make.  I might have to make another sunglasses case for the studio as I really like this one!

For the preschool class, I made little wooden looms and people out of used toilet paper tubes.  The students really loved these two activities!

For the tween class, we have a little ladybug bean bag, a woven monster bookmark, a keychain, and several other sewn stuffies that can be bean bags, cat toys or key chains – whatever they want to make.  I had so much fun creating these!

Lively Mondays with Preschoolers!

11 May

Preschoolers are so much fun!  They love messy art and non-messy art and everything else in between.

We worked on finishing our fabric bowls.  These are the same as the ones we are making with the tween class, just on a smaller scale.

We also did some weaving.  I made little looms out of popsicle sticks and precut some yarn and we were ready!  This project was so much fun.  This project great because it encourages and builds small motor skills.  We talk about different color combinations.  We also talk about the textures and thickness of the yarns which encourages attention to details.  Great crafts – great impacts!

Fun Fridays!

9 May

Fridays we are at the Palo Alto Art Center.  I can’t believe how much fun this class is!


We worked on finishing our fabric bowls.  Our students put the final layer of fabric on the inside of the bowl – next Friday we will roll out our final product!


We also worked on some handsewing and made…


Ladybug bean bags!!

Pre Schoolers on Monday!

1 May

The preschool class on Monday is such a joy to teach.  The students are all so excited to participate in all the activities!

We added fabric to the outside our paper mache bowls.  Next week we will add fabric to the inside of our bowls and finish them up.

We also made popsicle stick people which was a HUGE hit!!  All of the children made multiple people and many of them made families!  It was so fun to see what each student did with the materials provided.

Friday Playday

28 Apr

On Fridays I teach a fiber arts class at the Art Center.  It’s super fun and the kids are great.


Paper mache bowl bases done. Now we need to add fabric.


Spool knitted tubes ready to be turned into something.


Adding fabric to our bowls.


There was fabric that everyone liked!


Sewing the tube to make a hair scrunchie.


This one is becoming a coaster.

Another one not pictured, became a bracelet.  These students have so many good ideas!

Tween Class

21 Apr

Heard in Friday’s class:  “I LOVE messy art!!”.  We were creating the base for our fabric bowls our of paper mache and the kids were totally involved.

Stay tuned for next week as we add the fabric!!

We also put on the finishing touches to our rainbow fleece scarves.  Everyone made pompoms for the ends of their scarves!  Unfortunately, I did not get any finished pictures of this, but they were very pretty and warm.

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