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On Connie’s Playdesk this week.

13 Jan

This past week has been super fun!!  Classes started back up and the studio was full of students, great projects both started and finished and energy!!  I love a full studio!  On my front I did a lot of baking, cooking and cross stitching.  The Santa cross stitch is coming right along…img_5157

I also made a sourdough starter,


Which turned into sourdough bread, waffles and pizza crust.  All were super yummy – the kids now want to make homemade pizza every Friday instead of store bought.  That’s a win in my book!!  I also made a friendship bread starter..

Which turned into bread, cookies and pancakes.  I still have a little left in the fridge to make more pancakes.  Both starters are sitting on the counter being fed and cared for so we can have more fresh bread and goodies!

Some planting happened.  I have had those cute little pots forever and they were looking very forlorn so I decided to plant them – spider plant to the left, some random little plant from the garden in the center and two leaves of a succulent on the right.  I hope they all grow.  The two at the top are an ivy and morning glory (from seed) – one of my sons gave me those cute glass planters and I wanted to use them right away!!

My two youngest (13 and 17) decided to play with chocolate.  They covered oranges and apples – that’s healthy, right?? and then filled ice cube trays with chocolate, raspberries, little marshmallow bits, and more chocolate.  Needless to say, all of these are gone!

Lastly, I tried my hand at crab cakes and they turned out pretty good.  Everyone ate them and liked them.  Can you see the sourdough bread in the left photo?  There were also some cooked made with chocolate chips filled with peanut butter – YUMMY!!

All in all, this week was very productive and looks super busy, but I didn’t feel super busy.  I guess that’s the best way to go about it, do the things you love and life feels great!


On Connie’s Play Desk

3 Sep

Lot’s of fun things happened on my play desk this week!img_4214

An apron was made!  I love these fabrics and it was so fun to attach that large ric rac!  I had to go super slow to get around the curves neatly, but I love the way it looks.  The original pattern had the pocket at an angle, but I love to actually USE my pockets so mine is straight up and down.img_4220-1

I made a whole bunch of yo-yo’s out of scraps.  I’m not sure why, but aren’t they cute!!  I also am not quite sure what I’m going to use them for, but sometimes that is not the point.  I am enjoying making them – that’s the real point.img_4225

I worked on the Grandmother’s Garden hexagon quilt.  Two of the flowers are now attached and some green “vines/leaves” have been added.  This project is super fun to work on at the end of the day when I am tired.img_4223

More stitching on the cross stitch Christmas stocking.  AND…img_4224

Not so fun, unstitching the same place because I apparently can’t count and put them in the wrong place by one space.  GRRR!!  Oh, well, now I can go back and stitch them in the correct position so all is good!

On Connie’s Play Desk

19 Aug

This past week has been a little strange.   Things have been really quiet – my kids are back in school, and there were no camps or classes.  I have been cleaning and organizing the studio getting ready for this coming week.  I am really excited for fall and our new class schedule!

We have lots and lots of new fabrics!  Mostly cotton and fleece and they are so yummy!  I can’t wait to see what our students make with them!  This was the first time I had ordered fabric on-line and it turned out to be a very nice experience.

There are a couple of new samples up in the studio.  Both of these samples are from Simplicity Pattern #1455.  This pattern is a very good one for beginners – the shirt can really be a 2nd or 3rd project with the skirt following it.  I loved playing with this fabric!!  As for me, besides working in the studio on Let’s Go Crafting, I kind of bounced around between projects:

I worked on this rainbow blanket for one of my daughters.  I am now more than half way done and am feeling energized to finish.img_4152

These are sleeves for a sweater for one of my other daughters.  They need to be 25 inches in length as she wants them long with a thumb hole.  The body of the sweater is mostly done and awaiting the sleeves so I can finish it.  This sweater will also have a hood attached.img_4151-1

There was also some cross stitching done on a Christmas stocking for one of my sons.img_3579

And a birthday cake was made!  My oldest celebrated her 23rd birthday on Friday so I made her favorite cake!  All-in-all a very nice week.

On Connie’s Play Desk

12 Aug

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of what I have been working on this past week.  Besides teaching camp – which is so much fun and so very rewarding Iimg_4103

Prepared more patterns for fall classes which are starting the week of August 20th,img_4064-1

Started a new embroidery project,img_4105

Worked on some hand piecing for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that I am making, andimg_4101

Did some ripping.  I had wanted to do some embroidery around the seams of this quilt, but I had wanted to save time and tried using my embroidery machine.  While it looks ok, it was not the look I was going for so now I need to rip, rip, rip!  That little bit you see that is ripped??  That took a little over an hour to do.  UGH!!  Lots more ripping to go, but I think after the ripping is done and I decide on a pattern to do by hand, I will be much happier with the end result.  OK, back to my studio!

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