Class Description – Crochet

This class is for all levels of crochet experience, from the novice to the expert. There will be something for everyone.

Not just your grandmother’s lace doilies!  Although those can be quite beautiful and very intricate.  Your child can expect to learn the basics of crochet while making a small blanket or scarf.  Hats are very popular with the tween and teen crowd and will be one of the choices for a second project.  Those students who choose to take both weeks will be able to make a small amigurumi figure to use as a keychain fob or they can choose from several other projects.

For the beginner crocheter, shoelaces are the perfect first project.2013-04-02 21.53.38SONY DSC


Second projects can include hair scrunchies, bracelets, headbands, etc.

2013-04-03 18.19.42 2013-04-04 09.57.29 2013-04-02 21.31.16


Then a variety of projects can be tried:

IMG_3278 IMG_3279




IMG_3121 2013-04-04 10.08.54 copy

Hats and bags



Then more complex projects will be introduced along with pattern reading skills.

IMG_3281 Ripple Blanket.

IMG_3274Example of an Amigurumi stuffed animal.

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