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Studio Happenings!

24 Oct

Last week in the studio was so much fun!

Several worry pets made their appearance!

We had a cross stitch finish and huge progress on another project by a different student!

And a really fun and creative tote bag for a special mom made by this student.  This bag has so many extra details!!  Button eyes, a mouth with lips that is actually a pocket (things like keys can be placed in the mouth and go in the pocket that’s attached), “MOM” labeling, and there is also a cup holder inside for his mom’s coffee or water.  What a thoughtful and uber creative finish!!

On Connie’s Playdesk

21 Oct

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun this week!  Some of it for the studio and some of it just for me.img_4519

I made this little guy as a sample for students.  It’s a worry doll and is filled with beans.  You can squish him!  It really takes no time at all to stitch up!

I worked on The Giant Rainbow Blanket for DD#3 and have passed the half way mark.  I am hoping to finish this by the end of the year.img_4583-1

The cross stitch Christmas stocking is moving right along.  Santa can now clearly be seen.  This is also hopefully on the list of finishes before Christmas so it can be used this year.img_4582-1

I needed some stabilizer (very stiff) for a project and thought I’d try using the plastic from this pretzel container before going out and buying something special – I’ll post the results – good or bad!

I had some roses from my anniversary that were looking a bit drab and thought I’d try my hand at some fabric dying with the petals.  I still need to set and iron the fabric and will update next time.

Pumpkin and glue gun -finished results coming soon.  I’m actually really excited about this!!  Halloween is my second most favorite holiday!

AND … the studio has a new look!!  The old Costco chairs were taken apart and spray painted fun colors (purple, red, orange, yellow and green) and the seats and chair backs were covered with new fun fabrics.  I love them!!  I have some other ideas for the studio as well – check back for more updates!

Classtime Fun!

10 Oct

Today was such a blast in class!  Students were working on all kinds of different things!img_4468

Weaving with pick up sticks!img_4475

These two were…

working on cross stitch projects!


Attaching a zipper.img_4469

Knitting – one student is starting a scarf, the other is starting a doll.img_4472

This student is cutting out fabric for a tiered and ruffled skirt.  She altered an existing pattern in order to make it the way she wants.img_4473

This student is cutting fabric for a patchwork binding on a blanket.  I love that I am able to have each student make whatever they wish!!

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