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Second Week Camp Highlights

27 Jun

Our second week of camp was a knitting and crochet camp and we had such a great time!!

There were crochet animals!

Crochet shoelaces and a knit coffee cup sleeve!

Crochet monsters, coaster and pillow with a backing!

We even had some good weaving going on!!  Our camps cater to the interests of every student!!

First Week Camp Highlights!

20 Jun


Dress and skirts!

LOTS of stuffed animals!

Sunglasses case and bags!

And many pin cushions!  I would say the first week was a success!

First week of camp!

6 Jun

Our first week of camp is off to fantastic start!  We are sewing this week and our group of students are sooo creative!

Finished projects from the first two days of camp.  A sundress and two fox stuffed animals!

We made pincushions to start – either to learn how to use the machines or to brush up on some skills that hadn’t been used in awhile.

Then it was on to other things!   Each student picked their own project and blazed away.

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