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Preschool Fun!

14 May

We did so many fun things today!

Our fabric bowls were done and ready to go home.  Aren’t they so beautiful!!  Those that hadn’t quite finished, were able to finish.

We did some fabric painting.  This week I will be turning them into pillows for the students.  Shhh!! It’s a surprise!

We also made dolls from empty toilet paper rolls!  I love recycling!

Tuesday Adult Class

13 May

Our adult class is moving right along!!  Lots of sewing happening!

I can’t wait for next week – finished projects and new starts!

Marvelous Mondays!

12 May

Monday in the studio this past week was so fun!  We had…


A finished backpack.


A very colorful finished panda.

Starts of two new projects.


And more sewing.  So many good things happening in the studio!

Lively Mondays with Preschoolers!

11 May

Preschoolers are so much fun!  They love messy art and non-messy art and everything else in between.

We worked on finishing our fabric bowls.  These are the same as the ones we are making with the tween class, just on a smaller scale.

We also did some weaving.  I made little looms out of popsicle sticks and precut some yarn and we were ready!  This project was so much fun.  This project great because it encourages and builds small motor skills.  We talk about different color combinations.  We also talk about the textures and thickness of the yarns which encourages attention to details.  Great crafts – great impacts!

Birthday Parties at Let’s Go Crafting

10 May

Let’s Go Crafting helps you host your child’s birthday party.  We provide all the supplies and materials necessary for the party and you get to sit back and relax!  For the party this past Saturday, the birthday girl chose a panda bear stuffed animal for her project.  All the party goers made one and were thrilled!

We precut all the fabrics so the party can get right to sewing.  There is usually a combination of hand and machine sewing.  Children as young as 8 years old can do this!

Everyone goes home with a finished project!  This is such a fun birthday party and one that is different than most!  Let us know if we can host your child’s next party!

Fun Fridays!

9 May

Fridays we are at the Palo Alto Art Center.  I can’t believe how much fun this class is!


We worked on finishing our fabric bowls.  Our students put the final layer of fabric on the inside of the bowl – next Friday we will roll out our final product!


We also worked on some handsewing and made…


Ladybug bean bags!!

Studio Time!

8 May

Starting some pajama pants!


Finished a pillow!


Another set of pajama pants in the making!


Embroidering, Crocheting, and having fun!


Sewing in the studio!

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