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Last Monday Class in the Studio

23 May

Well…Monday was a day of lasts.  The school year is winding down and our summer camps will be starting up on June 4th!  While I can’t wait for summer camp to start (we have so much fun and create so many things), I’m also a little sad to be losing such a great group of students – hopefully then will be able to join again in the fall.  Today we had so many finishes:


A woven scarf.  I love that pattern!


Pajama Pants – that fleece is soooo super soft!


A teacher’s gift. Isn’t this so thoughtful!! I’m sure her teacher will cherish this forever!


A cute owl clutch purse. This purse is completely lined!


Another fabulous scarf!

This was the studio during class time.  They were all working hard to finish their projects!!

Fantastic Preschoolers

22 May

Monday was my last preschool class for this semester.  We had a great time together and I am a little sad that the Monday class is done until the fall.  Today we:

made drawings and then embellished with fabric and sequins,

sewed up lacing cards – each student did many of these.  It was so fun!img_3158

And I gave them their pillows.  They painted the fabric last week and I sewed them into pillows to give them on the last day.  They totally LOVED them!!

Class Samples Galore!!

20 May

I have been having so much fun making samples for all the different classes that I teach!

For the studio, I made a sundress and sunglasses case sample for either kids or adults to make.  I might have to make another sunglasses case for the studio as I really like this one!

For the preschool class, I made little wooden looms and people out of used toilet paper tubes.  The students really loved these two activities!

For the tween class, we have a little ladybug bean bag, a woven monster bookmark, a keychain, and several other sewn stuffies that can be bean bags, cat toys or key chains – whatever they want to make.  I had so much fun creating these!

Private Lessons

19 May

Let’s Go Crafting offers private lessons by appointment.  Schedule yours now!  Today I worked with a student on her own machine.  Her bobbin was jammed so she learned how to fix that and then went on to make a pair of pajama pants.

Wednesday Class!

18 May

A zippered pouch start and finish!

All kinds of good sewing going on!  We have the cover to a bean bag, a pet bed, jammie pants and a stuffed animal being created!

We have the start of a padded computer envelope, measuring and pinning of the hem on some pajama pants, and ironing.img_3122

And a free form elephant head.  I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!  So many different projects being created in class!

Adult Classes

16 May

Our adult classes are in full swing!


A finished tote bag.

Working on different projects!  It will be fun to see the finishes and starts next Tuesday!

Monday Studio Time

15 May

Monday was a fantastic day in the studio!!  Our students asked to listen to the soundtrack from “High School Musical” so we were rockin’ out to that.  I couldn’t believe how sweet it was to hear them all singing along as we worked on our projects!


We finished a colorful panda.

After finishing the panda, this student started a pillow as an end-of-year teacher’s gift.


Ooops! A little bit of ripping out stitches going on here. No worries!! After ripping, she almost finished her jammie pants!

There was also weaving, cutting out a new project, hand sewing and machine sewing happening in the studio.  WHEW!!  So much done in one class!

Preschool Fun!

14 May

We did so many fun things today!

Our fabric bowls were done and ready to go home.  Aren’t they so beautiful!!  Those that hadn’t quite finished, were able to finish.

We did some fabric painting.  This week I will be turning them into pillows for the students.  Shhh!! It’s a surprise!

We also made dolls from empty toilet paper rolls!  I love recycling!

Tuesday Adult Class

13 May

Our adult class is moving right along!!  Lots of sewing happening!

I can’t wait for next week – finished projects and new starts!

Marvelous Mondays!

12 May

Monday in the studio this past week was so fun!  We had…


A finished backpack.


A very colorful finished panda.

Starts of two new projects.


And more sewing.  So many good things happening in the studio!

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