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Friday Playday

28 Apr

On Fridays I teach a fiber arts class at the Art Center.  It’s super fun and the kids are great.


Paper mache bowl bases done. Now we need to add fabric.


Spool knitted tubes ready to be turned into something.


Adding fabric to our bowls.


There was fabric that everyone liked!


Sewing the tube to make a hair scrunchie.


This one is becoming a coaster.

Another one not pictured, became a bracelet.  These students have so many good ideas!

Fun times on Wednesday!

27 Apr

This embroidered Eagle was finished!


The start of a window seat cover.


Work on a bean bag cover.


Happiness!! A room full of students creating.



Monday in the studio

25 Apr

A whole lot of fun and work happened on Monday!


A giant “spot dog” was finished. I love all the different fabrics!!

The finishing touches being done.


A completely lined bag was also finished!

Working on a woven scarf.


Almost done!! Finishing up all the hand sewing and working on the last little bits.


Jammie pants finished last week…new project started this week!

Private Lessons

23 Apr

Let’s Go Crafting is offering private lessons!  Private lessons are a great way to get one-on-one time to learn how to use your own machine, perfect a skill or just learn to sew.  For lessons held at our studio, we provide all the supplies.  If we travel to your home we provide a supply list of everything you need.  Both options work really well.  This past Saturday we had a fourth grader join us for a private lesson.


She learned how to fill her bobbin and insert it, thread the machine, and sew. We also had time to discover and use all her fun specialty stitches.


The best way to learn to sew is to actually sew! Our student made a pin cushion to use at home and then made a tote bag. She did a fantastic job!

Tween Class

21 Apr

Heard in Friday’s class:  “I LOVE messy art!!”.  We were creating the base for our fabric bowls our of paper mache and the kids were totally involved.

Stay tuned for next week as we add the fabric!!

We also put on the finishing touches to our rainbow fleece scarves.  Everyone made pompoms for the ends of their scarves!  Unfortunately, I did not get any finished pictures of this, but they were very pretty and warm.

Studio Time Wednesday

20 Apr

Starting bean bag covers.


Working on embroidery.


Finishing a first project – a pin cushion.


Learning to crochet.


Learning to sew on the machine.


Hand sewing button eyes.


Starting a new project.


Embroidered Eagle in progress.

Lots of Finishes!

18 Apr

Monday in the studio was an exciting day!


Backpack with added pocket and braided straps.


Fun rainbow jammie pants!! They just happen to match her headband!


Quilted over-the-shoulder bag with zipper, inside pockets and a magnetized flap.


Closeup detail of the back quilting and the zipper.


Closeup detail of the front flap.


Braiding the straps for her backpack.


Putting the finishing touches on jammie pants.


Quilted bag done, next project beginning.

I love working in the studio!  There is so much energy and excitement here!

Preschooler Rock!

16 Apr

The preschool class I teach for the Palo Alto Art Center went very well today!

Fleece scarves!  They had so much fun putting these together!

Spool knitting – yes, preschoolers can do this!

Everyone finished their scarves!

Spool knitted bracelet!

Wednesday in the studio

12 Apr

We are always having fun in the studio!working on finishing a woven project.Starting a new woven sampler using pick up sticks.All done!! Great job!Pom pom fun.More Pom Pom fun!Finished reversible bag.Owl stuffie.HUGE Pom pom.Closeup of woven sampler. Made using pick up sticks.Putting the finishing touches on.Attaching the beak.

Pre School Classes

10 Apr

I have recently started teaching two classes for the Palo Alto Art Center.  I teach a preschool class and an elementary/middle school age class – both in fiber arts.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching pre-schoolers.  These students were between the ages of three and five years old and were a delight to have in class.  They were attentive, curious and excited.  I couldn’t have asked for better!

One of the activities we did was to paint with yarn.  We dipped and dragged pieces of yarn through paint and then transferred the paint to our paper in that way.

Some really enjoyed the tactile approach of using their hands and fingers.  It was really interesting to see how the students used the supplies provided.

This was the other project.  We glued yarn pieces to a background and then attached the cutout over.  This was a huge hit!  Most of the students made multiples.  This was also a good project to practice cutting, following directions and color placement.

The student who created this beautiful piece of art, decided that the frame needed more texture.  Such a great idea!

This student was very precise in her yarn placement.  Each child approached both the projects differently and had fabulous results.

Here, the student is using his yarn in a pile to paint big swaths of color.

All green!

See the texture in this one?  Many strips of yarn were added on top of each other to create this three dimensional artwork – this took quite a bit of time and patience.

Even the adults enjoyed this project!!

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