Fabulous Sewing!!

5 Mar

We are starting up a new session in sewing today, but I wanted to share with you what we have been up to for the past couple of weeks!  There is soooo much that these students have been creating, I think I will have to break it up into a couple of posts.

3rd grade backpack

3rd grade backpack

I am continually amazed and delighted at the fabric combinations that the students choose.  This backpack is completely lined and so fun to make!

3rd grader piecing 2" squares.

3rd grader piecing 2″ squares.

This third grader decided he wanted to make a quilt.  He chose to make all of his squares 2 inches and chose a pattern of flowers.  This is very precise work and takes a lot of patience and determination.

3rd grade finished pillow.

3rd grade finished pillow.

But he stuck to it and finished!!  Instead of making a quilt, he turned it into a pillow.

First time piecing 2" pieces of fabric.

First time piecing 2″ pieces of fabric.

A close-up of his work.  Isn’t it the best?!  He did such a good job measuring, cutting and sewing – way to go!!

5th grader learning how to prep. her pattern.

5th grader learning how to prep. her pattern.

This 5th grader is quite the accomplished sewer.  She has made many things and is ready now for the next step – a more complicated pattern.  She has chosen to make a summer robe.  There are many steps in making a garment before one can even get to the sewing.  The first thing she needed to learn was how to prep her pattern.  She did a fabulous job!

Cutting fabric for her robe.

Cutting fabric for her robe.

Now that the pattern is ready we need to pin it to the fabric and cut it out, transfer the markings, then learn to read the instructions.  Sometimes, just deciphering the instructions can be a bit like learning a foreign language!  Once all this is done…it’s time to sew.

3rd grader putting the finishing touches on her pillow.

3rd grader putting the finishing touches on her pillow.

Here we are, she’s just finished sewing and stuffing her pillow and now it’s time to hand sew the opening.

Ooooh!!  A pillow!

Ooooh!! A pillow!

Ta Daa!  This pillow is to the exact dimensions that this student wished it to be.IMG_1307A cute little blockhead pillow – look at those cute triangles at the top – such a great embroidery job done!



And the back!

I must go for now, but will share more of our sewing in the next post :o)

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