Additional week of sewing camp!!

22 Jun

Exciting news!!  Sewing Camp has been such a big hit, I have added another morning session from July 22nd through July 26th!  I’m so glad because I am going to miss teaching sewing.

Today was the last day of sewing camp for this week.  And boy, what a great day we had!  Lots of laughter and chatting and sewing – the perfect way to round out the week.
Another finished skirt!  I don’t think I have mentioned how amazing it is that these campers can make these skirts.

In order for them to have the nice gathered waistline, the fabric must be twice as wide as their own waists. So for example, if the waist measurement of the camper is 22 inches, then the skirt fabric will be cut 44 inches wide.  Then we measure down from their waist to find out how long the skirt should be and add 4 inches.

The campers sew up the back seam, then measure down from the top of the skirt 1/2″, pin, iron and sew.  This is the facing – then they again turn under 1″ from that fold, pin, iron and sew – then insert the elastic.

The hem at the bottom is done about the same way – measure 1/2″, pin, iron, sew – measure 1″, pin, iron and sew.  WHEW!!  That takes a lot of concentration and time!!  Simply amazing!
Diligent work on a pillow case.
And the finished pillow case!  It’s so fun to be a part of the learning process.
Two campers having fun working on their projects.
Batik pillow.  These always turn out so nicely and we leave the sewing up for the last day.
Finished 3D cat stuffed toy.  This toy is VERY complicated!  It has a bottom gusset where the tummy is and was quite a challenge to sew together.
However, this camper persevered and completed her project complete with felt applique eyes and embroidered nose and mouth.  Way to go!!
A beautifully painted still life.
Two more pairs of shorts!  These are very similar in construction to the skirts.  Same amount of measuring, pinning and sewing.  What troopers these campers are!

I always find it so interesting the fabrics that are chosen.  This skirt is so pretty!
Yet another pair of shorts.  I tell you, these campers are amazing!
This camper decided all on her own that she wanted to make a quilt.  She took the 4″ template that we used for our sachets, chose fabric and cut it out all on her own.  I asked her to lay the squares out on a flat surface so that she could organize and reorganize her squares to get the look she wanted.   This is her final choice and I LOVE it!!  More importantly, she loves it!  At the very end she chose to change her quilt into a pillow and it looks great this way as well.
This camper chose to make a 2D stuffed cat.  Boy did she work hard sewing around those curves for the paws!!  Sewing curves is no easy task.
Aren’t those pastel colors beautiful?!  She will be joining us for our next week of sewing camp in July and has already started a 3D stuffed pig complete with head and under belly gussets.
We had ten minutes left of camp today and this apple pincushion was created!
I love how these pillow fronts come out.  Each one is totally different.

She made a very similar drawing as her sister, but as you can see, the looks are completely different!
The camper who drew this, ran out of time to turn it into a pillow.  She had been working on so many other fabulous projects, but I just love the arwork!

See you next week for knitting camp and arts & crafts camp!!

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