Day Four of Sewing Camp

13 Jun

The kids are really going now.  They know how the machines work, they know how the iron works, and they know how to finish things off by hand.

IMG_3665More headbands!  These are great projects because they are somewhat simple, but yet the kids  get to work with stabilizer, turning a fabric tube and inserting elastic.  



IMG_3671And more ironing!  All the kids ironed today.  This camper is almost done with her pillow case.

IMG_3668Almost done!

IMG_3669This camper has made so many different things.  Here she is making a tiered skirt.  She made great progress and now only has the waistband and hem to finish.  Piece of cake for her!

IMG_3670After each seam is sewn, ironing is needed to make everything nice and neat.

IMG_3672Finished pillow case.  I can’t believe how excited they are about these pillow cases!

IMG_3673Look at all that loot!  Once these campers figured everything out, there was no stopping them.

IMG_3676A fabulous bag completely designed by this 2nd grade camper.  She came to camp this morning with an idea, created a pattern, and made her bag.  Truly an example of how your only limitation is your imagination!

IMG_3677Batik pillow!

IMG_3678More Batik pillows.  These were so fun to create!

IMG_3679Even my own kids got in on the fun.



IMG_3660I love the embroidery on this one!

Let’s see what new things are created tomorrow!

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