Beaded Bracelet and Headband

4 Apr

This next project is super simple to make, teaches one new crochet stitch, and gives practice to those stitches already learned.Image

The beaded bracelet utilized the chain stitch and then moves right into the Half Double Crochet stitch.  The beads are first threaded onto the yarn and moved into place as the work proceeds.Image

It is quite a quick project to make, yet produces a very cute effect!  I know students will love this one!Image

This is the same stitch and same beads, but different yarn.  The bead colors “pop” so much more in this one! Image

This headband has ties at each end and can be adjusted to fit any head.  Once they are tied and the headband is in place, the ties are not visible.Image

Isn’t this just the cutest thing?!  And to think, a student new to crochet will be able to whip this up in no time flat!!


Pony Beads, Yarn, Crochet hook to match yarn selection


*Thread 20 beads for headband and 7 for bracelet.

*Measure wrist or head, then chain to match that measurement minus 1/4″.  For example, my daughter’s head measured 15 inches so I made enough chains to measure 14 3/4″.  If your measurements are more or less, add more or less beads.

*Turn work, sc (single crochet) into the second chain and in every chain stitch after that to the end of the row.

*Turn work, chain 2 (this is your first hdc), hdc in next stitch, **slip bead up to the crochet hook, chain one, skip the next stitch, hdc into the next two stitches and repeat from ** to end.

*Turn work, chain 1 then single crochet in every stitch across the row.  Do not cut yarn.

*Turn bracelet or headband so that the short end is facing up and pickup 4 stitches evenly across this section.  Yarn over and pull through all 4 stitches so that you now only have one stitch on the hook.  Chain 20 for bracelet and 35 for headband.  Fasten off.

*Turn the other end of the bracelet or headband up to the top with the right side facing you.  Pick up 4 stitches evenly across this end and repeat instructions for first end.

*You are now ready to wear your creations!!  Or let your kids try them on for photos and try to get them back – good luck!!


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