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Simple bag project

6 Apr

I am so excited about these beginner crochet projects for my students!!  I think they add the perfect combination of cuteness and learning to keep them excited and interested.  The next project they can choose from is a Half Double Crochet bag.Image

This bag reinforces what they have already learned and works up so quickly!Image

My 8 year old son modeling the bag.  He wants to learn how to make one of his own!

Beaded Bracelet and Headband

4 Apr

This next project is super simple to make, teaches one new crochet stitch, and gives practice to those stitches already learned.Image

The beaded bracelet utilized the chain stitch and then moves right into the Half Double Crochet stitch.  The beads are first threaded onto the yarn and moved into place as the work proceeds.Image

It is quite a quick project to make, yet produces a very cute effect!  I know students will love this one!Image

This is the same stitch and same beads, but different yarn.  The bead colors “pop” so much more in this one! Image

This headband has ties at each end and can be adjusted to fit any head.  Once they are tied and the headband is in place, the ties are not visible.Image

Isn’t this just the cutest thing?!  And to think, a student new to crochet will be able to whip this up in no time flat!!


Pony Beads, Yarn, Crochet hook to match yarn selection


*Thread 20 beads for headband and 7 for bracelet.

*Measure wrist or head, then chain to match that measurement minus 1/4″.  For example, my daughter’s head measured 15 inches so I made enough chains to measure 14 3/4″.  If your measurements are more or less, add more or less beads.

*Turn work, sc (single crochet) into the second chain and in every chain stitch after that to the end of the row.

*Turn work, chain 2 (this is your first hdc), hdc in next stitch, **slip bead up to the crochet hook, chain one, skip the next stitch, hdc into the next two stitches and repeat from ** to end.

*Turn work, chain 1 then single crochet in every stitch across the row.  Do not cut yarn.

*Turn bracelet or headband so that the short end is facing up and pickup 4 stitches evenly across this section.  Yarn over and pull through all 4 stitches so that you now only have one stitch on the hook.  Chain 20 for bracelet and 35 for headband.  Fasten off.

*Turn the other end of the bracelet or headband up to the top with the right side facing you.  Pick up 4 stitches evenly across this end and repeat instructions for first end.

*You are now ready to wear your creations!!  Or let your kids try them on for photos and try to get them back – good luck!!


Crochet Camp Prep

3 Apr

I have been quite busy these last couple of weeks and have been trying to set aside time to make up some samples for my crochet camp.  I think it is always helpful when students can see what they can make before they start.  My kids are on spring break this week and we decided at the last minute to head up to Oregon to visit with my dad.  Well…this gave me oodles of time to crochet because my husband likes to do all the driving.  Whoopie!!



I though about what someone who is just learning to crochet would need to know and the chain stitch is the foundation to everything.  Those two strands of chain stitch don’t look very exciting do they?  The picture is also a little dark because it was taken in the hotel room.Image

But shoelaces are sure exciting!  How do those single strands of chain stitch look now?  Now that they are in shoes?  And the other one is in the other shoe!  This is my 17 year old’s foot and she now wants red and white ones to match her shoes.  In fact all five of my kids want shoelaces!!  I will have to get cracking in order to have samples for class!!Image

The next stitch I thought the kids would do well knowing is the single crochet (or sc).  So this project is a combination of chain stitches and single crochet.  They start with a slip knot on their hook, sc once around the hair tie, the chain 10, 15, or 20 chains depending on what they like.Image

Can you tell what it is??  My friend told me it was her brain on Easter candy!  Haha, it kind of looks like that too.Image

It’s a hair scrunchie!Image

Here is the 15 year old modeling it.  It’s going to be tough getting it back!

Scrunchie tutorial

You need an elastic hair tie, yarn and crochet hook in the size recommended for the yarn.

Start with a slip knot on your hook, single crochet once around the elastic hair tie, chain 10 to 15 chains depending on how big you would like your loops and then single crochet once around the hair tie.  Repeat this process until the elastic hair tie is completely covered.

It’s so simple, easy, and cute, but it allows practice of the chain stitch to help with technique and getting the tension right.  Tension is important for other projects.

More crochet samples coming soon!!

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