20 Minute Fabric Bags

31 Mar

I am the head of noon art at my children’s elementary school.  We have 20 minutes every other week to bring an interesting art project to approximately 150 to 175 kids.  It’s chaotic, fun and challenges me to come up with something that both boys and girls  aged 6 through 11 will find interesting.

I wound up getting a whole bunch of fabric from Fabmo.  I LOVE Fabmo!!  They have great fabric that is really affordable for the budget that I have been given.


The kids cut the fabric, stapled the edges, placed tape over the staples and then added embellishments (pockets, handles, etc).



This one is completely lined!  How cool is that?!



Fancy Floral Pocket.



Severa clutch type bags.  There were three students all working at this table and each of them made several of these bags.  I love it when they chat and collaborate on projects!!



A first grader totally decorated her bag with the colored masking tape.  Gotta love the design.



This is a second grade boy who created a bag with many different sections.  So very creative.  I could have included so many more photos – I have close to 75 different and fantastic bags – each one unique and special.

I am always amazed at what these students can accomplish and make in such a limited amount of time.  Can I say it again?  They are amazing!!

I just wish we had longer and I could really introduce them to sewing with a needle and thread, what if we had an hour, or two, or more…just think what they could do then.

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