Tin Can Robots!

14 Mar




Tin Can Robots was the order of the day at noon art.  These robots were made entirely of recycled materials and the kids had such a blast!!






As you can see, no two were the same.  Approximately 200 students were in the MP Room making these creations – students from 1st grade right up through 5th grade.  They all loved it!!  Parents sometimes ask me if their older kids will get bored of these “simple” arts and crafts and I always give them a resounding “No Way!”.  Kids are starving for art – and art that they have the freedom to create whatever is in their own imaginations (not directed art) is exactly what they are looking for.  They love the relaxed atmosphere, no expectations of a certain way their project should look in the end, and the freedom to create whatever they wish.  

There are quite a few students who come in for art and use the supplies in new ways and make something completely different than the example.  I LOVE this!!

I can’t wait for the next time I get to teach art – Oh wait, I am lucky – I get to do this almost everyday.  



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